About Us

The Shanti-Sophia Limousine Report was founded in 2012 by twin sisters, Shanti and Sophia Renes. Life-long limousine enthusiasts, owners, drivers, and professional writers, the Renes sisters have meticulously transformed their passion for limousines into a highly respected authority in the limousine world. Dedicated to providing unbiased, in-depth, and professional reviews of limousines new and old, limousine services, and stories pertaining to the limousine world, the Shanti-Sophia Limousine Report guarantees quality and professionalism – the same quality you demand in your limousines and limousine services. Our blog is updated daily with fresh content, our vlog is updated weekly with high definition limousine review videos, and we are also proud to announce the implementation of our new 3D Virtual Limousine Walkthrough App – That will take you on a detailed inspection (inside and out, including under the hood) of a wide range of popular limousines. If you’re into limousines or just looking for a professional review of your local limousine services, the Shanti-Sophia Limousine report is the place to go!