An Inspiring Report on a Limousine Company that Really Knows How to Make a Difference!

We here at the Shanti-Sophia Limousine Report typically like to focus on limousine vehicle reviews/inspections as well as reviews of the top limousine services available, but today, I’d like to switch things up a little bit and write a limousine-related story, with a twist.

Limos in Louisville is a high-rated, reputable and respectable limousine service taking care of the Louisville area, and are being featured today with the Shanti-Sophia Limousine Report after their recent act of kindness went viral and was picked up by one of our top researchers.






Louisiville High School in Louisville, KY was recently hit with a traumatic bus accident following a late evening prom rehearsal; the bus was t-boned by a drunk driver, seriously injuring 6 students, and sending the rest to the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. All are lucky to have escaped with their lives.

Limos in Louisville knew that they needed to do something to help these kids, and decided to step forward in a big way; not only paying all of the students hospital bills, but paying for dress and tuxedo rentals as well as donating their limousine services for the night of the prom, ensuring that all students are transported to and from the prom safely.

This enormous act of kindness caught the town of Louisville by surprise, but ultimately nudged the rest of the town to follow suit; ultimately culminating in numerous donations from photographers, caterers, stylists, beauticians, and more.

Although it’s tragic to have to suffer an accident under any circumstances, it’s always refreshing to report on the positive aftermath of such events, such as the coming together of a small town to ensure these students still have a great prom…

And from what we hear from some of the students, it was a great night.

Awesome job Limos in Louisville!—as well as everyone else who stepped up in any way!