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Limousine operators in the Bluegrass State are many in number, especially around Louisville where there is a myriad of transportation firms.

When a limousine breaks down for any reason, even a flat tire, it can be a big deal. Your typical stretched limo has a number of specialized body parts and dealing with roadside issues can be problematical.

This is why a company like Towing Service Near Me Louisville is an invaluable resource for limo operators.

Specialized Training

 The operators of tow trucks at Towing Service Near Me Louisville are fully trained in conducting roadside service on a variety of vehicles, limousines, of course among them.

You might not immediately think about it but specialized vehicles like RV’s and even exotic cars all have certain design elements that while creating great style appeal, make servicing them a real puzzle out there in the field . . . unless you have the training.

The removal of a faring to access tires and the like can be daunting for the untrained tow truck operator. Operators at Towing Service Near Me Louisville periodically attend courses sponsored by insurance firms who want to help prevent mistakes in the field that might increase their liability.

As a result, any given driver at Towing Service Near Me Louisville knows exactly how to handle the tender loving tow mission for a 2017 Porsche 911 as he does for a stretched Lincoln.

A Fleet Of Trucks

Limousine operators have a great deal of money invested in their fleets. They typically require a variety of vehicles because the missions they undertake vary.

So too does any towing company who can encounter all kinds of different situations when it comes to rescuing customers. Just as a limousine service might have Town Cars to provide airport pickups and multi-passenger vans and busses for transporting large parties, the towing company needs to have trucks that can handle all these different sizes, weights, lengths and styles of such vehicles.

This is why Towing Service Near Me Louisville excels and why we chose to highlight them in this month’s blog.

For starters, they have just about every kind of tow truck available for transporting limousines. In cases where there is an exotic vehicle that requires something outside the norm, they have reciprocal agreements with partners to bring in the “big guns” of towing.

Just as pulling an 18-wheeler semi-truck rolled over in a ravine can be a daunting task, getting limousines out of a jam can also be tricky. It’s good to know that a company like Towing Service Near Me Louisville can rescue limos from all kinds of situations.

One time where a limo became bogged down during a wedding on an artificial lakeside beach comes to mind. Yes, they used a hoist to pull it out!


Limousine operators in and around Louisville, Kentucky need to know about Towing Service Near Me Louisville and the great specialized services they can provide you if you get in a jam.

Towing Service Near Me Louisville serves well beyond the local metroplex and if you require prompt, efficient and professional towing services for your ride, there is only one place to call.